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  • Unlimited access to over 1,000 professional CISSP exam questions
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  • Detailed answer explanations for every CISSP exam question
  • Individual reports that track your exam performance and stress areas where further study is needed
  • Personalized account dashboard, helpful video tutorials, user support and more
  • Create your own CISSP practice exams from our question database
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What Our Students are Saying

"My experience with this online product was great. Excellent range and quality of questions to test myself against and I really enjoyed the ability to view where my knowledge was lacking with the score breakdown by topic."

Remi Gagnon, CISSP
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Ottawa, Canada

"The CISSPExamPractice site was an excellent way to pin point the exact domains for improvement. It provides a section by section average. It also gives averages of the other CISSP takers which is also sometimes a motivating factor."

Srikanth Akkiraju, CISSP

"Great site! Test questions are very similar to what I saw on actual test. Passed CISSP on first attempt! Thanks."

Steve Toole, CISSP
Buffalo, NY

"The thing that made stand out is that it helps to train the mind to tackle questions in a more systematic way... and are not just questions that need to be memorized. The questions are real life and I could not find any other set of questions similar."

Ali Jawad, CISSP

"I found the questions on to be very challenging, and they definitely helped me shape my approach to taking the actual exam, which, I ended up passing!"

Richard Halas, CISSP

"I just want to say a big thanks after passing my exam on July 7. I used the CISSP practice exams in addition to the CISSP CBK and on just my first time I PASSED. Once again thanks for the superb material."

Console Sajere, CISSP
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)

"After studying for the CISSP exam for several months, I decided to purchase the CISSPExamPractice questions to gauge my efforts. By far, these have been the best questions to study from and expand my knowledge even further. The cost of the questions are well worth the money spent. You will NOT regret this."

Jerry Wright, CISSP

Take Realistic CISSP Practice Exams and Understand Your Results

Understand Your Results

Learn which specific CISSP study areas require more of your focus, prior to taking the actual CISSP exam. Receive realistic performance assessments based on many CISSP practice test results, comprised of hundreds of professionally-authored CISSP questions.

Access Multiple Exams & Practice Tests or Create Your Own

Track your performance by taking several of the many available CISSP mock exams and practice tests. Plus, you can easily create some of your own custom CISSP practice exams by choosing from our massive question database of over 1,000 professionally-written questions.

CISSP practice questions

Personalized Member Dashboard

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CISSP practice questions

Personalized Test Menus Which Track Your Progress

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CISSP Practice Exams Which Mimic the Real Environment

Mimic The Real Testing Environment

Our testing engine is uniquely designed to replicate the real CISSP testing experience right within your own web browser. No downloads are required to take or review practice exercises.

Save Your Progress

Save your testing progress by marking your responses for later review, and you can return to any test question before receiving performance results. Also, each practice test has the option of using the same time limit as the actual exam.

CISSP practice questions

Member Testing Interface

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CISSP practice questions

Realistically Mark Questions for Review

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Instant Feedback & Analysis

After you take each CISSP practice exam, we provide a scoring report which allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, which are organized by each CISSP domain area.

Review Your Reasoning

We also provide extensive reviews of your answer, as well as the reasoning behind each CISSP test question to fully understand which responses are correct and why.

CISSP practice questions

A detailed summary displays CISSP practice test results

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CISSP practice questions

Reasons are provided for each CISSP test question response

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Measure Your CISSP Knowledge from Multiple Angles

Personalize Your CISSP Study Efforts

The “My Performance” tab is personalized just for you and is meant to help you focus your CISSP study behaviors by analyzing your test performance. With every CISSP practice test you take, the performance analysis and results are tracked in this tab to give you a summary view of your performance trend over time.

Measure Your CISSP Knowledge

There are even more additional reports that can rate your exam performance by CISSP domain, show test-taking trends over time, and show you specific details about previous test results.

CISSP practice questions

Personalized My Performance

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CISSP practice questions

Personalized Performance Trends

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Prioritized Member Support

Walk Through Support

Our main goal is to provide you with as many tools and as much help that is necessary to benefit from the CISSPExamPractice service. With every membership, you get access to our extensive video tutorials, which will walk you through each of the online features we made just for your needs.

Online, Email & Telephone Support

On top of everything else, we have included other features to help you make the very most out of CISSPExamPractice. These features include a user-friendly dashboard, a simple overview of your account, which is always accessible, plus FAQs and consistent Dedicated Support.

CISSP practice questions

Video Tutorials

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CISSP practice questions

Prioritized Member Support

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Accessing CISSP Practice Exams through CISSPExamPractice

System Requirements

Access to CISSP practice exams requires the following:

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Works with all web browsers