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The initial CISSP Certification Cost involves the cost of the CISSP certification examination. The CISSP Certification Cost varies depending on the region of the world in which the test taker plans to receive the CISSP certification examination. Currently, the initial CISSP Certification Cost in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa is 549 US dollars for early registration and 599 US dollars for standard registration. The CISSP Certification Cost in Europe is 510 euros for early registration and 560 euros for standard registration. The CISSP Certification Cost in the United Kingdom is 340 British pounds for early registration and 370 British pounds for standard registration.

Once a test taker successfully passes the CISSP certification exam, he or she is awarded with an official CISSP certification. In order to maintain valid a CISSP certification, CISSP certificate holders must pay the Annual Membership Fee of 85 US dollars. Even still, the CISSP certification is only valid for three years. After the three years, in order to maintain their CISSP credentials, CISSP certificate holders must renew their credentials.

There are two ways for CISSP certificate holders to renew their credentials. First, CISSP certificate holders may choose to take the CISSP examination all over again. However, the most common method for CISSP credential renewal is for CISSP certificate holders to log in at least 120 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits since the initial CISSP certification examination or previous CISSP credential renewal. In addition, a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Education credits must be logged in during each year of the three year certification cycle. This ensures that a CISSP certificate holders stays in the loop with new information security best practices and technological innovations.

Continuing Professional Education credits can be earned in a variety of ways. For example, Continuing Professional Education credits can be earned by attending educational courses or seminars, attending security conferences, being a member of an association chapter and attending meetings, and completing higher academic courses. Because there are a multitude of ways to earn Continuing Professional Education credits, the the costs vary by what activity certificate holders decide to pursue.