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CISSP Certification Bootcamp
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This On-Demand CISSP Bootcamp course is designed to comprehensively prepare students for the CISSP exam. Access intensive, self-paced course lessons without limitation, from any web browser or mobile device. Our CISSP training program covers all aspects of the CISSP CBK Domains. Includes 35+ hours of interactive course lessons, full CISSP study guide, CISSP chapter quizzes, and more.

CPE Credits Included with Course

Includes 32 CPE Credits from (ISC)² and course certificate

Course Instructors

Shon Harris, CISSP
David R. Miller, CISSP, CEH

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What Our Students are Saying

"If you utilize this training course you will have the ability to apply your already learned knowledge to the real exam very well. The CISSP is a very hard exam which has a broad range of questions and very tricky wording. CISSP exam prep provides an important tool which helped me pass the CISSP on the first try."

Bobby Nasham, CISSP - Information Security Engineer
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Minesh Pujara, CISSP
United Kingdom

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John Latawiec, CISSP

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Nina Vara, CISSP
United Kingdom

Intensive CISSP Course Curriculum - Designed for On-Demand Learning

Course Milestones 1 - 4:

  • Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Access Control Domain Objectives
  • Cryptography Objectives
  • Telecommunications and Network Security

Course Milestones 5 - 7:

  • Physical Security Objectives
  • Security Architecture and Design Objectives
  • Law, Investigation and Ethics Objectives

Course Milestones 8 - 10:

  • Business Continuity Objectives
  • Application Security Objectives
  • Operations Security Objectives

Included in this CISSP Training Course

Over 35 Hours of Interactive Lessons, Available On-Demand

Taught by Shon Harris, each course milestone contains interactive training lessons designed for On-Demand learning and busy schedules. Complete the entire curriculum in order, or re-visit training lessons as many times as you like.

CISSP Study Guide

A detailed CISSP Study Guide is included as a supplement to the course. The CISSP Study Guide summarizes each course session, focusing on key CISSP concepts from each segment.

Interactive Lessons Available On-Demand

CISSP Study Guide for each lesson

CISSP Chapter Quizzes

CISSP quizzes are provided following each interactive milestone to reinforce CISSP topics and test knowledge. Add our CISSP exam system and receive an additional discount.

Access from any mobile device

Ready to learn on the go? Use your smart phone or tablet to access all course features no matter where you are. View lessons, take quizzes, and review study guide material all from your mobile device.

Interactive chapter quizzes included

Access the course from your mobile device

Comprehensive CISSP Curriculum included with this On-Demand Certification Course

Detailed Online CISSP Course Curriculum

Developed by Shon Harris, below is the detailed curriculum covered by this CISSP certification course. Students will come away with a thorough understanding of IT Security through the perspective of ISC2 and the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), and will be prepared to take the CISSP exam.

CISSP Domain 1 - Information Security and Risk Management

Covers every concept in detail related to identification of an organization’s information assets; as well as the development, documentation and implementation of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines:

Security governance and policy
Information classification/ownership
Contractual agreements and procurement processes
Risk management concepts
Personnel security
Security education, training and awareness
Certification and accreditation
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 2 - Access Control Domain Objectives

Detailed topics regarding the collection of mechanisms that work together to create a security architecture which protect the assets of an information system:

Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 3 - Cryptography Objectives

In depth coverage of the principles, means and methods of disguising information to ensure its integrity, confidentiality and authenticity:

Encryption concepts
Digital signatures
Cryptanalytic attacks
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Information hiding alternatives
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 4 - Physical Security Objectives

Deep instruction on the threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures that can be implemented to physically protect the resources and sensitive information of an enterprise:

Site/facility design considerations
Perimeter security
Internal security
Facilities security
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 5 - Security Architecture and Design Objectives

Detailed coverage of the concepts, principles, structures and standards used to design, implement, monitor, and secure all manner of information assets and infrastructure:

Fundamental concepts of security models
Capabilities of information systems (e.g. memory protection, virtualization)
Countermeasure principles
Vulnerabilities and threats (e.g. cloud computing, aggregation, data flow control)
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 6 - Law, Investigation and Ethics Objectives

In-depth coverage of computer crime laws and regulations; including the investigative measures and practices which are used to determine if a crime has taken place, along with best practices to gather evidence:

Legal issues
Forensic procedures
Compliance requirements/procedures
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 7 - Telecommunications and Network Security

This section covers topics such as network structures, transmission methods, and security measures used to provide availability, integrity and confidentiality:

Network architecture and design
Communication channels
Network components
Network attacks
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 8 - Business Continuity Objectives

Deep coverage of the preservation of the enterprise when faced with critical disruptions to normal operations:

Business impact analysis
Recovery strategy
Disaster recovery process
Provide training
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 9 - Software Development Security

In-depth coverage of the controls included within systems and applications along with the practices used in their development:

Systems development life cycle (SDLC)
Application environment and security controls
Effectiveness of application security
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Domain 10 - Operations Security

Detailed instruction concerning hardware and media controls; along with the operators who have access privileges to these areas:

Resource protection
Incident response
Attack prevention and response
Patch and vulnerability management
Review and quiz
Much more...

CISSP Online Bootcamp from Your Computer

System Requirements

Accessing this course requires the following:

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Web browser with Adobe Flash plug-in (provided)

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