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Benefits of CISSP Certification

There are a good number of benefits of the CISSP certification for both professionals working in the information security field and for employers. Let's examine some below.

As the CISSP exam is a widely-accredited assessment of your knowledge, experience and skills in the information security field, it is no doubt an incredibly important credential to have on your record. Here are three benefits of becoming CISSP certified as a professional:*

  • Becoming CISSP certified means you have an extensive working knowledge of how information security works. This means you make yourself very valuable to professional technology organizations.
  • Becoming certified automatically enhances your professional credibility and the ability to market yourself to a wide range of different technology companies.
  • You receive exclusive benefits as an (ISC)² member, which include professional networking and idea-exchanging opportunities.

Companies in the tech industry have difficulty maintaining the security of their organization's critical information all by themselves. That is why having a certified CISSP on their side is very important. Here are three benefits of becoming CISSP certified from an employer's perspective:*

  • Hiring somebody who is CISSP certified instantly increases the credibility and value of your company on a global scale.
  • Having a certified CISSP on your team validates your organization's years of experience and commitment to the IT security industry.
  • Working with a CISSP professional satisfies certain certification mandates that are required of many clients and subcontractors.

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