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Value of CISSP Certification

As there are many different benefits of becoming CISSP certified, from both an employer as well as a professional standpoint, the certification holds a lot of value.

From a company's perspective, making sure the organization is secure is a vital component to how the organization runs. Hiring information security professionals who have been CISSP certified is a crucial move that will bring security and value to any company. From a working professional's point of view, becoming certified brings much personal value to you and your work.

According to the Global Information Security Workforce Study, certified CISSPs earn a global average of 25% more than non-certified information security professionals. Studying and gaining the experience necessary to take and pass the CISSP exam is completely worth the effort, considering this statistic. Plus, being certified puts you in an elite international community of certified CISSPs, which is hugely valuable considering the massive exchange of great ideas and professional knowledge that can take place between you and your industry peers. If certified, you will become a very crucial part of a highly in-demand field.*

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